More Than Horse-Riding Lessons! 5* Rating, Farewells, Hellos, Equestrian Knowledge and Amazing Achievements

It’s been a busy start to 2024 at the stables with many of our students opting for horse-riding lessons during games. Watch the video for some of our highlights this winter.

Celebrating Another 5 Star Rating for Fyling Hall Stables

Last week the council inspection took place. They were extremely impressed with the Fyling Hall School Stables and have given us a 5 star rating again. This is the highest possible rating and means that the stables are operating with the highest standards and excellent animal welfare. There is a lot to do beyond the horse-riding lessons and its wonderful to see this acknowledged with the rating.

Saying Goodbye and Hello

Our much loved John Joe and William are retiring. The brothers will be missed by everyone. John Joe has worked at Fyling Hall School for seven years and is a firm favourite. At 25 it is time for him to enjoy his retirement. William has worked on and off for about 7 years too and is really popular with riders. Unfortunately lameness has forced an early retirement and we wish him well.

You can see John Joe and William on the picture below and Winny in the video!

But it is not all farewell tears – we are excited to welcome Winny to the stables this year. She has been passed by the vet to join us. Winny looks like a mini shire-horse! We know she will be really popular with all our students whether in their horse-riding lessons or just a visit and quick hello during break-times!

Testing Your Equine Knowledge

Can a horse sleep standing up?

Did you know that stable manager, Coleen McQue gives a weekly fact and sets a weekly question for our riders? Answers are posted in a box in the stables. And there is a prize for the winning answer each week!

The weekly questions are a great opportunity to build up knowledge about horses, horse-riding and the equestrian world beyond the horse-riding lessons. Not only that, everyone is encouraged to think about their existing wider knowledge and find an answer even to those complicated questions. It helps students develop confidence in their problem-solving ability even beyond the yard.

Our question last week was; Can a horse sleep whilst standing up? What do you think?

And the fact was; horses can not breath through their mouths.

School Horse-Riding Lessons

At the Fyling Hall School Stables everyone obviously learns how to ride in their horse-riding lessons but it offers much more than that! Students get to grips with all round horse-care, learn to understand horse-behaviour and to safetly work with horses and their equipment.

They even consider the history of the sport. Last week the juniors were having a little play on Coleen’s side saddle and learning about what was and wasn’t deemed ladylike a 100 years ago. Horse-riding lessons 100 years ago when our school opened probably looked a little different. Thankfully things have moved on!

Riders of all abilities are welcome to take horse-riding lessons. As confidence and ability develops the students take horses out on the moors, through the countryside and to the beach during lessons.

Student Horse-Riding Achievements

Many Fyling Hall students horse-ride at a high level. For example Bethany with Monty, after acheiving a fantastic second place at the Petplan Area Festival in the medium dressage class, will now compete in the National Championships. And Zara and Jasper recently competed in the NSEA show-jumping competition with excellent results. 

If you would like to arrange school horse-riding lessons please contact the office for a form.

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