Mood boards

Have you ever used a mood board? Mood boards are great tools for collecting ideas. Fyling Hall’s Year 9s are studying the play ‘Journey’s End‘ in English and used mood boards to describe their inspiration from the play. Enjoy this combination of their documents, pictures and videos.

You may have noticed that the final piece is Tomas’ explanation of their mood board. Now take a look at their final piece . . .

In case you are wondering, this is the instruction given to our pupils:

Using a combination of documents, pictures and videos they were asked to include:

  • how you came up with your ideas
  • how long it took you
  • why you did what you did
  • what materials you used
  • where your inspiration came from
  • what you enjoyed about designing it
  • what order you did things in and why, what you are most proud of and what went wrong that you changed. 
  • You may include your parents’ thoughts about it and you should give a shout out to anyone in your family that helped you. 
  • If you used photos, medals or real letters, you should mention who gave you them to use or where you got them from. 
  • Anything else that you think of!