Missing posters

Last week Fyling Hall’s Year 6 pupils were asked to create missing posters. As their study of Kensuke’s Kingdom continues in English, students created the missing posters to help find Michael, the character who disappeared overboard while the family’s yacht was somewhere in the Coral Sea.

What would your poster look like based upon these instructions from Mrs Richardson?

Good morning,

Michael’s mother and father searched for him for almost a year after he disappeared overboard somewhere in the Coral Sea. Your task is to create a ‘Missing!’ poster for Michael.

Today I would like you to write a draft version of the text for your poster, which I will mark and send back to you to be edited. On Friday, you can then create your poster by adding a title and a picture.

You will need to include a detailed description of Michael, as well as details like how old he was when he disappeared and when and where he was last seen. You can get some of these details from the text, and for any information not in the text, you can use your imagination, but make sure that details fit in with a description of an 11 year-old boy. For example, if you include height and weight, make sure that they are sensible values! Don’t forget to include the fact that he may have Stella the dog with him, and describe her too. (His parents would not have known, as she disappeared overboard at the same time). You will also need to include details of who people should contact if they have seen Michael. You might also like to offer a reward for information.

The easiest way for you to write your draft will be in a Word document or similar, you can use the spell checker, and I can then mark on the document and send it straight back to you for you to edit on Friday. If you prefer to write it out, please send me a photo and I will mark it and send comments back by email, so that you can edit and copy up on Friday.

I have attached a simple example of the type of detail that you will need to include, but please do not just fill the sheet in; it’s just to give you an idea! I have also attached an example of a finished poster, but again, please do not just copy the text – I think you can do better!

Take a look at Anya, Daisy, Penny, Isabella and Dylan’s!