On Saturday 12th July, my son William and I finally got to jump out of a plane at 10000 feet! Disappointingly, the weather in Grindale was against the organised day of the 5th July and after arriving at 7:30 a.m. on the 12th, it was still looking uncertain with a low lying fog which was preventing even the plane from taking off. It was a long morning, but by lunchtime this had thankfully lifted and the jumps began.

After a rather scary moment in the briefing – the ‘what on Earth am I doing?’ moment, we eventually got into our rather attractive outfits – the pointy hats and goggles were a particular favourite (see the terribly embarrassing photograph!) The plane was small and as we were strapped to the instructors, also very intimate! At 4000 feet, two of the passengers threw themselves out of the plane (they were doing solo parachute jumps). We then climbed to 10000 feet which took about 20 minutes in total. The view was spectacular and the fog was still clinging to the coastline.

So, 10000 feet, deep breaths, a bottom shuffle to the door and that was it! The free fall was fast, utterly exhilarating, but over very quickly and the parachute thankfully opened. Controlling the direction of the parachute was good fun and trying to land elegantly was almost impossible – especially in the close proximity of the spectators! Inevitably I ended up on the floor on my behind – the dvd of which is to arrive next week! One to be hidden!

The whole purpose was to raise money for St Catherine’s Hospice in Scarborough and was organised by Louise Gravestock for them. This is such a fantastic place with staff that you just couldn’t ask more of. We also couldn’t have done it without the enthusiastic, encouraging staff at Skydive GB. So a BIG thank-you to all who sponsored us both. We have raised almost £1000 between us. And for anyone thinking of doing it themselves – it is definitely worth it! Here’s to the next time!

Miss Walker x