Miss Anders’ update

We hope you are enjoying Miss Anders’ updates as much as we are! Read on for more news from our Head Matron who is on site with five fellow members of staff and eight international pupils.

Afternoon you lovey bunch ❤ I hope that you are all keep well. Here is some more news of how your Fyling Hall family are getting on.

Mrs Richardson and I went for a stroll up to the Mill and we saw nature at its finest, from beetles to even little lizards. I never knew we had miniature dinosaurs around. For all our keen horse riders just to let you know, that the school horses are looking well and are enjoying the surrounding fields of green.

The boys have been playing pool in the evenings and doing some pilates, in fact I saw Kian doing a plank and was impressed with how long he managed, I would have collapsed after a couple of minutes ? Mr Instone yet again showed off his culinary skills and we had a curry night. It was so tasty!

Jay and Maria really got into a German hospital drama on Netflix, I didn’t have the foggiest idea what was going on ? I found out that Tim absolutely loves Gordon Ramsey, this made me smile as it was just totally out of the blue ? We’re still being treated to lots of goodies in the baking department, yum yum, and the array of delights is to die for!!! We’re definitely having a home from home feel, and it’s perfect in every way.

Tomorrow we are going to have some fun, but you will have to wait. I hope you are all keeping safe. We love you all and send lots of it your way ?❤?

Stay tuned for more of Miss Anders’ updates from Fyling Hall!