Memorial Service for Mrs Clare White

On Sunday 9th July, as part of our centenary weekend, ‘Fyling Hallers’ past and present gathered in the Rose Garden to celebrate Mrs Clare White’s life and legacy. It seemed to be only right to finish our centenary by remembering and recognising the impact Mrs White had on Fyling Hall, and on many of the people who studied here over the years. 

After discussion with members of Mrs White’s family, we decided to hold a ceremony in the Rose Garden, as it was one of the places at Fyling Hall she was most proud of. It was through her initiative that the gardens were redesigned and replanted in the 1980s, and they have gone from strength to strength ever since. The weather remained dry and sunny as ex-teacher Ms Brenda Easton, former head Mr Michael Bayes, and current head Mr Steven Allen shared their memories of Mrs White and her formidable influence on the school. Canon Trish Davis also kindly joined us to share her own reminiscences of Mrs White, and then to unite the congregation in prayer. 

It was a true pleasure to see so many people gathered to pay their respects to Mrs White. We were particularly pleased to be joined by members of Mrs White’s family, who scattered some of her ashes in the Rose Garden, so she can keep an eye on it forever more! It is certain that we as a school will continue to remember and be guided by Mrs White in the years to come. 

Fyling Hall students enjoying some time in the Rose Garden during their lunch break.