Meet our Librarians

Meet our Librarians! Fyling Hall‘s Librarians will tidy shelves, ensuring books are in alphabetical order, stamp them, put protective covers on, suggest ideas to improve our Library or for new books to order etc. They each have a day allocated for their duty with Year 7 on a Monday, after lunch, to Year 10 on a Thursday. 

  • Year 7 – Bethany Thompson & Mabel Instone
  • Year 8  – Olivia Hall & Phoebe Aldous
  • Year 9 – Damon Kelly & Tomas Richardson
  • Year 10 – Freddie Elson & Joe Salt

I don’t think there will be many libraries in the country with a spectacular sea and stunning cliff view like ours, beautiful gardens and woods in the foreground. The Library room itself has two fabulous and ornate chandeliers hanging from a ceiling where intricate plasterwork of cherubs and fruit and flowers are displayed. 

We are so fortunate to have this . . . Let’s appreciate and respect it.  And when you meet our Librarians, please thank them!

Julia Jackson, Librarian