A Day in the Life of … a Matron … part 2

If anyone read my first blog, I gave you a little insight into what a matron does.  So what else is entailed?  

I have to say that I think that my job is such a rewarding one.  As a member of staff in a boarding house you have more of a one to one relationship with the children that you look after.  You are the person that they come to when they are missing home; if there is a problem and if they just want to let off some steam. You nurture them into becoming independent, confident, self-assured young adults.  Watching my girls grow into sophisticated young women is something I am truly proud of.  

I believe that being a boarder helps prepare you for later life, not being afraid of approaching situations and expressing your opinions head on.  You grow into a well-rounded person.  One thing that helps me in understanding how our boarders feel, is that I was one myself at Fyling Hall.  

I grew up in a military family and went from one school to another as my father was posted to several places abroad and around the UK.  In fact in total I went to eight different schools.  When my father was posted to Northern Ireland the decision was made to send me to a boarding school.  I have to say that I think that it was the best decision that my parents made.  I finally made friends, friends that I will have for life.  

Being here now as a member of staff, helping prepare your children for the future is the most privileged job.  Fyling Hall isn’t just a school. It is a way of life. It is a family, and it is my family.  The many years of tradition keeps going.  I now work alongside people who I respected as my teachers.  Fellow students who I was at school with who are now members of staff. Everyone who comes here is welcomed with open arms, and I can reassure every parent that their child will be looked after and cared for.

As I sit here typing this blog the school motto comes to mind, The Days That Make Us Happy Make Us Wise.  Being at Fyling, looking out over the most spectacular view being surrounded by fabulous people, what more could you ask for…nothing, we have it all!

Miss Anders