Last Friday, a group of our Year 11 and 6th form Mathematics students spent the day on a trip to Leeds to seek Maths Inspiration. They went to the Playhouse to see Mathematicians speak about various Mathematical applications, how it is used ‘yes in real life’, and actually just to show how fun it can be! Of course as Maths teachers, Mrs Mitchell and I already knew this, but felt a day of Maths enrichment from other Mathematicians might just convince them too. The show was hosted by stand up mathematician Matt Parker with speakers Jennifer Rogers who talked about the significance of statistics, Paul Shepherd who spoke about engineering with the Maths involved in the roof of the Olympic stadium in Rio, and Ben Sparks who spoke about probability and chance. The speakers all did a question and answer session too at the end, asking questions such as what to study in further/higher education. Hopefully the Maths Inspiration team have inspired our students!

Miss Walker

maths inspiration