Rising to the Maths Challenge! Selected Year 10s take part in the Advances Mathematics Support Programme Maths Feast

Selected year 10 mathematicians attended a maths challenge this week. It was an excellent performance by all the year 10s who took part in the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme Maths Feast 2024 in Scarborough. Maths Fest is “educational challenge for Year 10 students which tests problem-solving and teamwork skills. Teams of four students will test their maths skills with our all-you-can-eat feast of problems.”

The Maths Challenge

With a mix of calculation, problem solving and model building our two teams of four worked superbly together. Out of the four rounds completed, both teams each managed to win a round scoring maximum points in the process. Each round called for different skills and strategies.

Overall, against 14 other teams from across Scarborough and Ryedale, the boys’ team came in third, with the girls’ team very closely behind in sixth.

This is a great result for the students who have not taken part in an event like this before. Well done to Abby, Ben, Dylan, Edward, Ellie, Ivan, Josie and Lilly, and thanks to Alec for his assistance.

Attending a district maths challenge like this gives our mathematicians a chance to stretch themselves and try new things. It was wonderful to seem them all working together as a team and we’re looking forward to more events in the future.

Next-up on the maths department calendar of events will be Pi Day on 14th March to celebrate

Maths event, year 10 maths extra, class trip,maths challenge
Maths event, maths challenge,<br />
year 10 maths extra, class trip
Maths event, year 10 maths extra, class trip, maths challenge