Forms 2 and 3 recently visited a conservation area on Fylingdales Moor on a science field trip. The aim of the trip was to study the moorland habitat and the plants and animals found on the moors. Tanya Eyre, who works for the Hawk and Owl Trust, lead us on the Jugger Howe nature trail walk along the ridge, where we looked at a typical moorland habitat, and down into the valley bottom, where the habitat changed to more boggy moorland. The Hawk and Owl trust works to conserve Fylingdales Moor and also to encourage a wide range of wildlife, including prey for the birds of prey which they are particularly interested in, such as merlins, harriers and kestrels. We were lucky enough to see a wide range of birds and also to find lizards and a slow worm. The children all thoroughly enjoyed the trip and learned a lot. Many thanks to Tanya for showing us this amazing habitat and sharing her expertise, and to Mr Mayne and Sharron for accompanying us.

Mrs Richardson