Marking the end of the Autumn Term

Marking the end of the Autumn Term is always special.  Our annual Carol Service at St Stephen’s is a long standing and magical tradition.  Whilst we are unable to gather together, we are proud to share our virtual Carol Service.

Our Headmaster, Mr Allen, commented,

One of the greatest regrets of this term is that we cannot come together and mark the end of term with the traditional Carol Service at St Stephen’s church. This is a very important event in our calendar and is always a highlight of the year. It truly signals the start of the festive celebrations and we were determined to mark the occasion even if in a slightly different way.

Coordinated by our Music, Drama, Art and English Departments, you will find a blend of the traditional elements mixed with a some shall we say, more modern additions.  It remains a special way of marking the end of the Autumn Term.  Thank you to our students and staff as well as to Rev Simon Smale and Mrs Clare White for your kind contributions. It certainly wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t hear from Mrs White. 

I would like to thank everyone from the Fyling Hall community for all of their support during this unusual and testing term. Our priority from the start was to ensure our return to school and make life as safe and normal as possible. I have been very proud of how everyone has adjusted and taken great delight at seeing all that has been achieved during the term. This would not have been possible without everyone’s support and cooperation. 

I hope you enjoy our virtual Carol Service, and on behalf of all the staff at Fyling Hall I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.