Map drawing

How might map drawing demonstrate comprehension? This was the challenge for our Junior School‘s Year 6 pupils.

Students were asked to draw a map of Kensuke’s Island as found in chapter 4 of their class book, Kensuke’s Kingdom. Kensuke’s Kingdom is a gripping adventure from the author of War Horse. Michael Morpurgo. Whilst students used the full chapter, what would your map would look like from this extract?

‘The island looked perhaps two or three miles in length, no more. It was shaped a bit like an elongated peanut, but longer at one end than the other. There was a long swathe of brilliant white beach on both sides of the island, and at the far end another hill, the slopes steeper and more thickly wooded, but not so high as mine. With the exception of these twin peaks the entire island seemed to be covered with forest.’

From Chapter 4 of Kensuke’s Kingdom, by Michael Morpurgo

Just take a look at each map drawing by Anya and Dylan . . . both give a fantastic visual understanding of their comprehension. Well done!