Macbeth – A Review

A review written by Bailey, Gonzalo, Stephanie and Anisia in Year 10 ESL

On 14th of November my English class has been to the National Theatre at Newcastle Theatre Royal to see a performance of ‘Macbeth’ written by Shakespeare. Before we go to see Macbeth we learnt something about it, which helped me to understand more. At first I thought that I am not going to like it because when I was studying it, it was a bit difficult to understand. But when I saw the play I enjoyed it a lot.

The main roles were played by Kirsty Besterman (Lady Macbeth), Michael Nardone (Macbeth), Patrick Robinson( Banquo) and Ross Waiton (Macduff).

The play started around 2pm in the afternoon, it started with people fighting in a civil war, and Macbeth with his friend Banquo win. Then, they meet three witches; this is one of my favourite parts in the play. The three witches jump onto the stage, than they climb up to three big poles, it was really cool, because they just climb up there without any help and protection. They stayed up the poles about 5 minutes before Macbeth and Banquo showed up and the three witches slipped down the poles to tell them their future. It was really dramatic and unlike anything I had seen before.

The theatre is very big having three floors, I sat in first floor. The stage is wonderful, the pole and angled platform is good. That is very cool and they moved the set is fast.

The actors were very excellent and all of them very serious. But sometimes it was funny and sometimes it scared me, I liked that.

The other parts were good too, especially when Lady Macbeth did her monologue, it was very powerful and sharp. She is my favourite actress in this play; she acted out how worried, stressed she was being a conspirator. And I really believed that  she wanted to be the queen when she and Macbeth had gone to kill King Duncan.

We returned to school around 6:30pm, it was a great day out and I have really enjoyed this theatre trip. It wasn’t my first experience of theatre visiting, but that was definitely my most beloved visit watching classics.