Lots of things that I really like

Well, this is my second time at Fyling Hall School, and there are lots of things that I really like and that are different to school in Spain

Loving riding . . . even in the rain!

I love horse-riding, I think that’s one of the reasons I came back to this school. The horses are cute, and the horse-riding teacher is so nice. Horses make me very happy.  

I love horses, but another thing that is really, really cool is meeting new people from other countries. Meeting them, learning more about their country, the typical things, culture, history, traditions, food, etc. For me that’s amazing.  

It’s cool to see how they run classes here, the differences between how they teach at home and here, how much homework we get, the experiments we run, the games we play. Everything is different, from the uniform to the time we get to eat and the food we have for lunch. It’s nice, because when you do something for years, it’s interesting to have a big change. And there’s definitely a lot of differences between Spain and England.  

In less than two weeks
Year 10 ESL class

I think the weekends are the best thing about being here, apart from maybe the horses. There are a lot of trips to go on and things to buy, and it’s nice to spend time with friends. I love all of this, it’s a great experience. 

I can’t write down everything I like because I’ll never stop writing. All of these things are what I love about living in a boarding house in England at Fyling Hall School. I love all the people, the places, the good and the bad things- but Fyling Hall has lots of things that I really like.

Laura, Year 10