Looking for Art Ambassadors

Fyling Hall’s Art Studio is looking for Art Ambassadors! Opening up the Art team to Fyling Hall’s Years 7, 8 and 9 successful candidates will work with the current Art Leaders from September. Applying pupils were asked to describe what they like about Art, why they would like to be an Ambassador and how they could contribute to the art team. Take a look at this application by Marley.

Why I love Art

“It doesn’t feel like work,  it feels like fun”- Marley.

I am passionate about Art. I spend a lot of my free time looking at different artists and working on projects myself.  I am interested in animation and video making and have done a lot of lego stop motion in the past. Art covers so many different genres. Film, theatre, gallery, performance and even our every day items that we use such as crockery pattern and product designs. There are so many different ideas to the different areas and so many different cultural aspects. It is a never ending journey that involves creativity and the love of the bigger and smaller picture. I love the work of Walt Disney, the American animator whose work you can see progress through the work of his early days with steamboat Willy onto more intricate detailed work such as Mary Poppins, linking realism to animation.  I also love the work of Fujoko Matsui, the Japanese artist, specialising in Nihonga paintings whose work is about life and death and psychological trauma, both completely different in drawing style.  As I am a massive fan of the Avengers Series, I also love the work of British Artist, Jim Cheung. His ‘superhero comic book style’ is shown in films such as the New Avengers. I would love my future profession to be in cartoon animation.

The Role

Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation
  • I like working as a team, both in school and outside it.  I have worked as a team in sport, in school teams and also play for Whitby cricket team under 13s and under 14s. As the Art Ambassador role involves communication and collaboration and cooperation, I think that team work is part of this. My work as part of the scout organisation is largely a team building exercise. I have also worked as a team in music in school and also outside school as a pianist. I am part of two musical bands in Whitby and Glaisdale.  I am part of the ‘Lollipop’ deaf and hearing impaired charity which promotes communication for the deaf and hearing impaired. It promotes exactly this – Communication, Collaboration ad Cooperation amongst the deaf and hearing impaired community and as a hearing impaired person I have found it helpful and informative.
  • As I like talking to people, it would be great to collect other students’ ideas about the Arts.
Creativity and Self Direction
  • My creativity and self directed study is reflected in the sketch books that I produce in my own time and animations but also in my work as part of the band.
  • I would love to create advertisements regarding upcoming events perhaps in a comic book style or in another ‘thinking outside the box’ way.
  • My work on animations and work within power point would be good to create slide shows about events.
  • As I am interested in other people and their work it would be great to talk about their work to camera and let them express themselves in vocal and visual terms so that they could be the focus of the film as I might be a little camera shy. ‘Let them and their work speak for themselves’!
  • As I have after school activities I find it has helped to be organised. My piano practice, cricket training and matches, scout activities and mountain biking as well as swimming work alongside my school work and  in- school,  after school activities.
  • I would enjoy planning a preparing for Focus days which would link in to the ability to cooperate, collaborate and communicate with other people.
Social Responsibility
  • In my work in the Scouts I have raised money for the organisation by bag packing and putting on events such as Mulgrave Castle games fundraiser and selling soup/tea/coffee/juice on Regatta Day.
Problem Solving
  • I have had to use problem solving skills in my team activities such as extensive use in scout work such orienteering, camping, and team building activities. I have also used it as part of my computer ‘ Scratch ‘ work.
  • I have an IPad at home and phone and use of my parents’ computer and so I have used these to increase my abilities in technology. I use Word, Pro-create, Power point and Scratch etc, which will help me in the role.  I would love to have the opportunity  to further use school technology in this role. Using Stop motion has made me better at tasks and the Covid pandemic has helped me up-skill or raise my game.
  • Making videos of students working and creating would be an ideal way to use my technology skills but also to do this in a fun and engaging way, such as perhaps not just using the art room but using the geography of the landscape and school. Making pictures about pictures.
Leadership and the never ending story

I would love to develop my leadership skills. I am a story teller. I like to tell stories in my artwork but also in my English class. I would like to contribute to the Arts Newsletter and widely publicise what we are doing on social media.

With applications like this, looking for Art Ambassadors has been a joy! We cannot wait welcome our new Art Ambassadors to the Art Team, and thank you all for your applications.