Looking for answers to the Geography quiz

Are you looking for answers to the Geography quiz? Did Miss Gilmour’s Geography quiz test your grey matter? Take a look at the answers below . . .

1. What is the capital of Chile? SANTIAGO

2. In which city would you find La Sagrada Familia? BARCELONA

3. Which river rises in the Himalayas in India and drains into the Bay of Bengal? RIVER GANGES

4. In which country is the worlds highest waterfall? VENEZUELA

5. Machu Picchu can be found in which country? PERU

6. In which European city would you find the Spanish Steps? ROME

7. Which four presidents are engraved on Mount Rushmore? ROOSEVELT/WASHINGTON/LINCOLN/JEFFERSON

8. Ship’s captains are empowered to conduct two religious rites – name them? BURIALS & BAPTISMS

9. Which continent has the largest desert in the world? ANTARCTICA

10. Which Asian country is bigger than France, Spain and Germany combined but has a population of little over two million? MONGOLIA

11. What is Europe’s largest port? ROTTERDAM

12. Which river forms part of the boundary between Mexico and the United States? RIO GRANDE

13. If Mississippi lent Missouri her New Jersey, what would Delaware? AL-ASK-A!

14. What is the laziest mountain in the world? MOUNT EVEREST!

15. It can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps. What is it? A RIVER

And now a little starter for Christmas!

16. Which country traditionally gives London’s Trafalgar Square its Christmas tree? NORWAY

17. Which country gets Christmas first? NEW ZEALAND

18. What country does Lapland belong to? FINLAND

19. Why is Christmas Island, which belongs to Australia, named Christmas Island? DISCOVERED THAT DAY IN 1643

20. Why did the Romanian stop reading? SHE WAS GIVING THE BUCHAREST!

No more looking for the answers to our little quiz 😉 . . . we hope you enjoyed it and wish you a very Merry Christmas!