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Looking for a film? Why not take the advice of Fyling Hall’s Film Club. The Club was lucky enough to meet face to face just before the UK Government’s decision to close schools. Although it was their last classroom based review for a while, they plan to review online for the foreseeable future.

Film: Dunkirk

Rating: 4

Club Members: Joe, Arthur, Josh and Miss M

The opening setting the scene and tone: Chaos friends dying around him minimal dialogue, only when necessary. Cut to a regular Brit preparing to sail to Dunkirk, shows viewer life of an ordinary Person helping the war effort

The film is based on the WWII event in Dunkirk where the British, French and Belgian army have been encircled around the port of Dunkirk. This movie follows the experience of an RAF pilot, a soldier at Dunkirk, and a civilian boat owner. It is a heroic compelling tribute to the heroes of Dunkirk, who helped save hundreds of thousands of lives. Overall we found Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” to be a brilliant tribute to cross-border cooperation in a time of nativism.

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