On Friday 14th November, Mrs Wormald & Mr Husband took 14 pupils to London for a 4 day cultural trip. A busy schedule was planned to make the most of their time in the capital city. Each year this trip is a massive success and the pupils all look forward to going. This year, the 14 places were filled in under an hour! The February trip is already planned and booked for years 11-13.

Below the pupils have commented on their favourite aspect of the trip:

I really enjoyed the Anselm Kiefer exhibition because the art was really impressive due to its size and the fact that you could see how much skill was needed for each piece. The National Gallery was quite overwhelming because of the number of artists featured. So I would probably have to go again to get a better impression. I also really enjoyed our free time in which we could go to Oxford Street and go shopping and explore some new places with a feeling of independence. Pippa Jones

The best part of the London trip for me was Portobello market as it was full of unique and cheap items which were really up my street. While we were there we met some interesting people, for instance Melody Man in the “House of Vibes”, whom later sold us a collection of old dub reggae albums with his Rastafarian charm. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed London especially as I had previously never visited any art galleries. I was also impressed that I didn’t really need any money for food as we were given a budget and we ate in some nice restaurants. Tom Witts

I really enjoyed seeing the Constable exhibition at the V&A museum. I have been looking at his ‘Hay Wain’ in art so then seeing in the flesh was amazing. It was much bigger than I had thought. On the Sunday we went to The Tower of London and saw the red ceramic poppies that surrounded the tower, it was very moving. Ollie Sykes

I enjoyed the London trip very much. It was an excellent time for all the art students. We had the opportunity to visit the greatest galleries in London, such as the National, the V & A, the Tate Modern and the Royal Academy. The Anselm Kieffer exhibition at the RA impressed me most. I also loved the hotel. It was comfortable, clean and friendly and we had our own bathroom in our room. Klara Szafranska

I really loved London. We saw the theatre company DV8 perform ‘John’ at the National Theatre and it was incredible! We saw masses of Art and spent time shopping on Oxford Street, which I loved. Somerset house was decorated for Christmas with a huge tree and the Ice rink was lit up. Izzy Austin