Live and active drama lessons in lockdown 3

We asked Mrs Jeeves, Fyling Hall’s Head of Drama, how she approaches live and active drama lessons in lockdown 3 . . .

When we went into lockdown in March I thought to myself, ‘Great a chance to explore all those areas of Drama I never get a chance to cover’. Cue students building Greek amphitheatres from junk, baking and decorating cakes for Shakespeare’s birthday and making their own video representations of the classics. 

This time around things feel a little different. With the GCSE class in the middle of their course and needing evidence of their progress in the subject, drama lessons in lockdown 3 are mostly live and active. 

I have cleared all the tables back in my classroom to allow space to move myself and today spent an hour doing physical movement exercises, developing characterisation and practising monologues and duologues from Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. All of this will begin the process of collating evidence of online learning. 

I have been thrilled with the dedication and energy of year 11, throwing themselves (sometime literally) into online practical learning. I am looking forward to seeing what they can produce in the next few weeks. 

Mrs Lizzie Jeeves, Head of Drama and English as a Second Language