Life has changed

Life has changed dramatically . . . for everyone. In these times of uncertainty we turn to those we can trust. Never have the strong bonds we forge at Fyling Hall been so meaningful. We remain an international family, proudly educating pupils from across the globe. 

In times of uncertainty, it is family that we turn to. Therefore, it was only right that with the recent outbreak, compounded by school closures, Fyling Hall took the decision to relieve some of this burden and offer an extraordinary boarding opportunity. Several international students will spend their Easter Break at Fyling Hall.  Taking advantage of each others’ friendship, pastoral support and our fortunate position, pupils will take part in a programme designed to look after them academically, physically and mentally . . . with the necessary fun! We are delighted that we can offer this support and play our part in working together as a family to get us through this uncertain time. 

But we need your help! We want to hear from our Fyling Hall family near and far. Please share your stories. How are you incorporating “the days that make us wise?” Current parents, we would love to see and hear of your children learning from home. Maybe you have already used Mr Coates’ advice on keeping active. Alumni, we would love to hear your tales of support. How are you incorporating our motto? Looking for an example? Have you read Ms Hornung’s personal musings on virtual teaching?

Life has changed, but continues. With the support of each other, we will get through this together!