Learning languages at home is a challenge

Learning languages at home is a challenge for all. It strains the listening skills to breaking point, and it is all too easy to ask ‘Mr Google’ to help with the translation work! This term the Junior School pupils have had much more screen time than previously, and I really wanted to introduce something a bit different. Having decided that it would be an ideal opportunity to look a little more at the culture of French speaking countries, one of the Junior School first tasks was to make ‘un gâteau au yaourt’.

In meeting time, I talked about making this cake with a family I stayed with in France and that it was something the children all made when they are quite young, often with Grandparents. Children always come home from school and eat ‘le goûter – a tea time snack – as family meals are usually not eaten until around 8pm. A favourite in the family I stayed with was ‘le gâteau au yaourt’ with jam!

A video in French was watched together and the ingredients found, and, as the photos show, lots of delicious cakes were made. The pupils even got creative by substituting peach yoghurt for plain and producing a vegan version too! I really hope that the pupils tidied the mess up afterwards and didn’t just eat the cake, although from the lovely messages I have received from parents, everyone enjoyed the activity and of course, tasting the cakes.

Learning languages at home is a challenge, but it can be fun and tasty too!! I wonder what will be next?

Ms Cathy Hornung, Head of Modern Languages