Learning about different cultures and people

In our English as a Second Language lessons, learning about different cultures and people is something we incorporate as much as possible. Last week, Year Ten spent their lessons learning about an inspirational figure form the other side of the world, Malala Yousafzai. Students watched videos featuring her speech at the Nobel Prize ceremony as well as animated depictions of her story. We also read excerpts from her wonderful book ‘I Am Malala,’ and discussed the significance of her actions. The scheme of work on Malala was a great way of encouraging students to read more difficult English books, as well as introducing them to inspirational figures around the world. 

Inspired by Malala, our international students then did research into someone they were personally inspired by a wide variety of people were featured- a French band, a football player, actresses and even a student’s parent! After writing a report on their inspirational person, the students spent a lesson creating a presentation about their figure. There were photos, videos, and even a PowerPoint so big it couldn’t be opened on my computer!

We finished our topic with the students sharing their presentations with the rest of the class. Leo did his presentation about Jadon Sancho, who worked his way up the football ranks to eventually play for Aston Villa. Marina focused on the actor Robert Downey Junior and his recovery from addiction. Ana focused on her family, and told us all about their support and encouragement. It was lovely to share information with each other and to be inspired by people from all around the world. 

I was very pleased by the effort the students put into their presentations and their research. Fyling Hall puts a big emphasis not only on learning about different cultures and people, but also on sharing cultures and experiences. I was so pleased we were able to share important inspirational people whilst also practising our English! 

Rosie Havelock, ESL Teacher