Learn More About Sixth Form on March 14th

Fyling Hall Sixth Form for year 12 and year 13, is a special place to be. We have small class sizes, 1:1 support from teachers, flexibility in study programmes, a beautiful outdoor location, a strong community, excellent academics and added value (meaning students regularly exceed expectations and predicted grades). The range of enrichment opportunities, including horse-riding, charity fundraising, leadership and peer-mentoring also play a big part. And, it is special because of the diverse range of individuals from the UK and all over the world, that choose to learn and grow here.

Next week, on March 14th, we will hold an options evening. It’s the perfect opportunity to consider the best subject and course options and to look at the pros and cons of different types of education. Students will be able to get advice on courses, careers, enrichment opportunities and University. It’s tough choosing the best route and we will offer impartial advice based on your needs.

The Sixth Form evening will be ideal for year 11 or year 10 students, whether they attend the school or not. Current Sixth Form students will be there with the teachers to offer guidance and advice. Contact us to register.

Sixth Form is very different from the rest of the school. Students have more freedom and responsibility. They have their own study room and common room, and even study outdoors in the beautiful gardens in the summertime. Sixth form attend outside events and careers talks. We asked some of our current year 12 and year 13  students what they think about Sixth Form at Fyling Hall and this is what some of them they said….

“The teachers help you improve and to get top grades and the teachers help you even after school time! – You have a huge amount of support.” – Sixth Form student

“One of my favourite things about Fyling Hall is the scenic location. I feel very lucky when I see the sunrise over Robin Hood’s Bay from the school bus! Because Fyling Hall has a small 6th form, you can get to know everyone and make friends with everyone. The community feel of the 6th form helped me gain confidence” – Polina, Sixth Form Student

“I’ve really enjoyed my time in the 6th form as I have been able to create much closer relationships with my teachers. These relationships allow for greater mutual respect and have therefore allowed me to grow as an own independent adult” – Emie, Sixth Form Student

“I enjoy the 6th form because of the freedom to choose which subjects we study” – Current Sixth Form Student

“What sets Fyling Hall 6th form apart from everywhere else is the sense of community and small class sizes allowing for excellent teaching. Being at a school in the countryside provides unique opportunities including horse-riding lessons around the moors and on the beach! There are also many spaces to study outside which is great in the summer.

When moving up from secondary school, there are privileges such as having a common room, much more independence, and being able to wear your own suits.

Being head student means having the opportunities to organise school fundraising events such as the Hallowe’en night, the Santa dash and a lot of cake sales!” – Izzy – Head Student

Join us in person or online on March 14th. Or book in for a private visit or virtual meeting. Contact us here to register or for more information.