Last Term’s Weekend Activities At Fyling Hall

Life as a boarder at Fyling Hall is never dull. Alongside studies, time with the ‘friends for life’ you make here and relaxation, there is an exciting and varied programme of optional weekend activities. You can see some of the highlights and photos from the last term here.

At Fyling Hall day pupils can, and often do, join the weekend activities and trips. It may not be the case in larger boarding school’s but here boarders and day students form close friendship. Summer term included a wide range of trips – Flamingo Land (theme park), beach BBQ, sightseeing in York, golf, virtual reality world, water activities (both indoor and outdoor) and more.

Reading in the gardens

Wykeham Lakes – Outdoor Water Park Adventure   

On a glorious sunny June day a large group of boarders and day pupils headed to the North Yorkshire Water Park. There was a lot of excitement as they donned their wetsuits and life-jackets, applied their sun-cream and headed to the lake’s edge. Students enjoyed stand-up paddle boarding and group paddling. The giant inflatables were undoubtably a highlight and everyone spent a lot of time on this floating obstacle course. In spite of the sunny day and wetsuits a few of our international students found the initial jump into the water a little cold. The bus back was full of tired, happy pupils who enjoyed a hearty dinner back at school.

June’s popular trip to the North Yorkshire Water Park at Wykeham Lakes

Weekend Activities – York City Visit

The nearby city of York is a beautiful, historical place to visit and a trip to York regularly features on the weekend itinerary. Last term’s trip was especially popular with our international students. Some came along and enjoyed the shopping and food on offer in the city. Others enjoyed the cultural and historical sites with Dr. Richardson leading some of the international students on a site-seeing tour.

Stopping to admire the view
York Minster

Alpamare Water Park

Another water park but Alpamare is indoors and less dependent on the sunshine. Pupils enjoyed the wave-pools, swimming pools and waterslides as always.

Beach BBQ

Fyling Hall is so lucky to enjoy such a beautiful location close to the coast. We regularly head down to the beach, following the path from the school grounds or taking the mini-bus for a quick ride down the hill. This term boarders enjoyed a DIY BBQ down on the beach near ‘boggle hole’. As well as a tasty, out-door dinner there was plenty to explore on the coast and time together in the clean, fresh air.

Flamingo Land (Theme Park)

More than 50 boarders and day pupils went on the trip to Flamingo Land. This is a large theme park filled with thrill rides about an hour’s drive from Fyling Hall. It is always a popular activity in the summer term. The rain held off and everyone spent the whole day enjoying the thrill rides with their friends. The ‘pterodactyl’ ride was a hit although it’s not for the faint-hearted.

50 students gathering at the end of a busy day!

What Else?

Alongside the organised weekend activities there were weekly trips to the nearby towns of Whitby and Scarborough, time to use the sports hall and other school facilities. In the summer weather, boarders took the opportunity to relax in the school’s beautiful grounds, walk in the countryside and visit the beach. Some of our boarders joined local sports teams and clubs. This included four of our students regularly playing with the basketball team! Of course students also spent their time socialising, playing games and watching movies in the three common rooms. Evening games ranging from impromptu sports, to chess in the library were popular.

An impromptu game of dodgeball
Games on the beach

We’re looking forward to another programme of activities in the autumn term!

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