This week we had three great assemblies about the important theme of Gender Equality. On Monday we heard the opinions of a visiting speaker from the local church; on Wednesday Y8SW presented their take on the topic and on Friday Year 11 presented us with an amazing lecture, which showed their view on this social structure. All assemblies drew attention to the fact that we are not as equal as we maybe thought before.

I think the most important thing to understand is, that gender equality isn’t only about discrimination for women. It is a much more powerful word which shapes the whole history of the humanity.

How listening to biology we know our origin came from monkeys and they also have a male dominated sociality. But is this the reason for our gender inequality? Not really I would say.

Again and again in our past we can ask ourselves: “Is this equal?” Why all of Jesus’ disciples are men? Why angels are at most presented as women? In the 14th century was the ‘Chain of Being’ also a clear men preferring order. God-given, was also Shakespeare’s belief. And only since 1920 have women been allowed to vote. So how could we call our country equal?

I personally think that complete equality is not possible. The nature made the gender different, so how the humanity can make them equal? But everybody should do his—or her! – best to give all people the same right. That is our duty, because we are able to change the world. We can decide our actions, our thinking and our future.

This shouldn’t be dependent on our gender.

Lara Blumoser (Y11)