Language in real life

Learning a language is all about communication. That’s why, at Fyling Hall, we feel so lucky to have quite a number of students from Germany as that means that our learners can try out their newly acquired language in real life. Year 8 enjoy making the most of their very own Simon from beautiful Bavaria who is always happy to help out in class as a sparring partner.

We invite other native speakers, who do not take part in timetabled German lessons, into lessons where they are interviewed, and they are also bombarded with newly-acquired German during break time. Our GCSE and A-Level students also make the best of this opportunity – it is great having an expert in your subject so close at hand!

Of course, we cannot overlook their great help during Oktoberfest which we celebrated last month.

But we do not only rely on our own students. In year 7 our pupils are paired up with a pupil from the German school Lloyd Gymnasium in Bremerhaven, and they exchange letters on a regular basis, written in a brilliant mix of German and English.

You can’t beat using what you’ve learnt in lesson and using language in real life!

Regine Trotter, Teacher of German