“On Tuesday 30th June, the whole school took part in a morning of academic challenges followed by an afternoon of ‘It’s A Knock Out’ on the sports field. The academic challenges consisted of a series of team activities across a number of subjects. For example, in science we were asked to build a bridge out of pieces of wood and tape by following instructions that were written in French. This challenged both our French skills and our team skills due to the tight time constraint.

The afternoon was even more exciting. Still in our teams, we participated in a number of original activities as part of ‘It’s A Knock Out’. One activity involved throwing raw eggs to each other along a line. Despite the high likelihood of being covered in egg yolk everybody took part. However, the egg was soon washed off during the next activity, which involved removing two pence coins from a large tank of water.

The favourite activity of the afternoon for most of the students was the water slide. This activity involved running up a plastic sheet, which was covered in water and shampoo, to collect a cone and then sliding back down to the beginning ready for the next member of your team to begin. While not everyone was successful in reaching the top, it was very entertaining to watch everyone try.

These activities provided a challenge and, for the three activities which involved water, were a refreshing cool down in the warm weather.”

Niamh Sweeney (Year 12)

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