Keeping active, safe & in touch

How will you active, safe and in touch over Easter? It may be the Easter Holidays, but with us all adhering to the UK Government’s guidelines to stay at home, we thought we would share a little isolation inspiration with you. Kindly shared by Fyling Hall’s fabulous staff, below are just a few of their personal isolation activities. 

Can you guess who recommended which?  Already tried one?  Please let us know what you thought.  Have a suggestion?  We’d love to hear your thoughts . . . let’s keep active, safe and in touch!

Musical inspiration

Looking for a musical inspiration?  Check out Year 9s isolation playlist.  This list includes their top 5 songs/instrumental pieces of all time (clean versions only!) of various genres and of any age that will get us all through this interesting time in our lives. 

Fyling Hall’s Year 9’s Isolation Playlist

Want to take it a step further?  Pick one track and answer these questions:

  1. What instruments are used in this piece of music? 
  2. What is the style/genre of this piece of music? 
  3. Describe the tempo (speed) of this piece of music. 
  4. Describe the dynamics (volume) of this piece of music. Think about the start volume, the middle volume and the end volume. 
  5. Describe the texture (different layers) of the song. E.g. starts of with a thin texture of the solo piano, then builds in the first verse to add a vocal line.  
  6. What are the lyrics about (if there are lyrics)? 
  7. Why is this one of your favourite songs (give a musical answer)?  

Fancy a concert? a show? a museum tour?

Fancy a concert?  Check out the Montreux Jazz Festival site for free access to 50 concerts.

How about a night at the theatre?  The National Theatre is streaming a performance every Thursday evening and the Royal Opera House some amazing performances including ballet all for free during coronavirus lockdown.

Prefer an museum or art gallery tour? Take a look at the ten on offer.

What about a Monster Competition?

Create your own ink splat monster and enter our Art Studio’s monster competition. Tag the Art Studio on Instagram or send us your picture for a chance to win. Check out the daily monster app by Stefan Bucher. A brilliant app for creating your monster or watch the daily challenge on YouTube. Get splatting!

And don’t forget to keep in touch with our Art Leaders who are about to launch their weekly challenges!

Join the Lockdown Poets Society

Why not join the Lockdown Poets Society?  Each day we want to hear a poem that sums up your day.  Post it on your social media (Twitter works best) and be sure to tag Fyling Hall and your friends..

Keeping active, safe and in touch - Lockdown Poets Society

Film night

Pop some corn and put on a film. Why not follow the recommendations of our Film Club. Have a read of their latest review for inspiration.

Keeping active, safe and in touch - Try our Film Club's recomendations

A good read

And who isn’t up for a good read? Finding the time to read has never been easier and the benefits more apparent. Reading is not only a great mental stimulator which improves your vocabulary, it is also a great stress reliever.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our students most recent reviews.

Keeping active, safe and in touch - read our recent good reads

Looking to mix up your reading from paper to sound?  ‘Audible‘ has made loads of audiobooks free for everyone – you don’t even need to sign up! Have a look and see if there’s anything that rubs your rhubarb!

Decorate an Easter Egg

The Easter Egg competition continues! Junior School pupils are asked to decorate their egg (one only please) on a 20 x 20 base. Entries should be submitted by 10th April. Who knows? We may even open this up to Senior School pupils. Any takers?

Keeping active, safe and in touch - Easter Egg competition

Are you keeping physically active?

Our Games Department has shared a range of activities which you can do at home or in your garden. Keeping active physically will also help you keep fit mentally. All can be found on FHS Games on Microsoft Teams.

Whatever you choose to do, we encourage you to look after your mental health!  Having trained all of our Fyling Hall staff, Compass Buzz are a great resource, and continue to support to children all across North Yorkshire throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Keep active! Keep safe! and Keep in Touch!