Trump supporters who claim to be open-minded say that he will not do most of the things he says. However, I think this argument is invalid. His words can be as harmful as his actions. It’s about what he stands for. He stands against all values I find beautiful in our century. I am always moved by posts on Humans of New York, and so it happened this time. The muslin Journalist said she is confused because although Trump supporters do not show her their aversion, they are “supporting someone who said [I] should be banned from the country”. She feels that no matter how hard she tries she’ll never be part of the community and although people are friendly together, deep in their hearts they believe that America belongs to white people. I think her example shows the deteriorative effect of Trump’s word. I find it increasingly concerning as events in America influence the trend of nationalistic movements around the world which I can observe in my country.  Trump may not build the wall between the Mexico and USA, but he’s certainly built walls in people minds.

Karonlina (Year 13)