sports cup 2013The Junior Pupils had a lovely afternoon for their Sports Day and Summer Fair last week. Parents, friends, staff and students enjoyed watching the races and athletic events in brilliant sunshine, and all the participants had a super afternoon, with the usual good sportsmanship on display. Congratulations to Resolution, the winning team. Resolution’s House Captain, Jenna Coleman, was presented with the cup by Mr Griffin.

Many thanks to the Senior Sports Staff and Mrs Freer for organising the events, and to the PTA for running the Fair.  Thank you also to the 6th Formers who were ‘roped in’ to hold the finishing tape and help with equipment.

 Sports Day Poetry

Just four more days,

Practising with my friend.

Gaining my stamina,

I will get there in the end!

Walking down to the pitch,

Carrying a chair.

Stretch exercises.

Waiting for the Summer Fayre.

Sports’ day is over.

Shaking, waiting for the scores

Who will hold the trophy?

Hear the winning team roar!

 By Lilly Belle Whiteley and Ben Carpenter

   Just two more hours.

Hurry up time!

Ready to run.

I’m feeling sublime.

Mr Allen at the ready.

On your marks, get set, GO!

I’m sprinting away,

Far from being slow.

Ready for long jump.

I jumped a long way.

My legs are like springs

On a hot, hot day.

And …. Resolution won!

But we all tried our best.

I was ready for the Fayre

And a lovely, long rest.

 By Jenna Coleman and Harry Brindley

Just one more day.

Not long to wait

Until Sports’ Day.

24th is the date.

The nerves are brewing,

Excitement, too.

No one’s allowed

To go to the loo!

“Form 3, please!”

Sprint position.

Take your marks!

Ready for the action!

Excel yourself


You didn’t win


Resolution won

So Endeavour didn’t.

But we all had fun

 By Gabriel Hodgson and Olivia Coates

I remember our Sports’ Day.

We felt really crazy.

The day was great

And we couldn’t feel lazy!

I remember all the races

With a funny spoon and egg.

And a shouting from the parents,

“Giorgio, go break a leg!”

I remember team spirit

When we all wanted to win.

Your heart’s quickly beating

With an incredible din.

I remember all the scores

Which I wanted and I got.

My team has won and I’m happy

For being cool and brave a lot.

I remember all the things

Which happened on that day.

When we ran, screamed and played

This was our best Sports’ Day.

  By Sabina and Giorgio