The Junior Choir has been working hard this term, preparing their songs for the Eskdale Festival. One song they have learned is by a York composer, Andrew Carter, who is well-known for his carol arrangements, several of which have been sung by Kings College Choir at their famous Nine Lessons and Carols.

The pupils were excited to receive a personal message from the composer, who is delighted to hear that we are singing his piece ‘Butterflies and Moths’.  In his email, Andrew admits that the words ‘moths’ can be tricky for young singers, as it often comes out as ‘moffs’! But he tells the children to … ‘Do your best and don’t bite your tongue!’

He also gives them some excellent advice:  ‘ ……. watch Miss Edwards like hawks and eagles.  And SMILE!’

We will try!

Good luck to all our young performers next week.

Parents are friends are welcome to attend the performances. Do come along to the Spa and enjoy a feast of music, song, poetry and drama.

Eskdale prep juniors