Forms 2 and 3 have been exercising their debating skills recently. Form 2 pupils recently conducted some research on the proposed potash mine to be built on Fylingdales Moor. They presented their arguments for and against, debated the issue with Form 3 then voted on the proposal. This subject, being so close to home (and school!) raised some strong feelings. The results were:- 16 votes against the mine, 2 votes for the mine 1 abstention.
Form 3 asked ‘”Are Gap years for families a good idea?” The F3 pupils had worked in pairs to research their proposals, with some excellent persuasive language evident in their presentations. The results were:- 2 against the idea, 11 in support of Gap Years for families. A popular winner!
All the children spoke very persuasively and presented their arguments well.
Miss Edwards
Debating 2