On Tuesday 21st, Year 10 went to Jugger Howe for a Science field trip. We were met there by Tanya from the ‘Hawk and Owl Trust’. We went on a walk through the moors for about an hour, not much happened, but then me and a few of my fellow comrades went animal hunting and found a good majority of animals. Everyone together managed to find: a slowworm, 3 lizards, 3 frogs and a toad. After we stopped walking and had our lunch break we headed out to continue our adventure.

We eventually stopped at a boggy area where there was a hill that was quite steep. We walked up 10 meters till we got to 100 metres, every ten metres we placed down a quadrat to found out the population of plants in the area. After this began to walk back to the buses and enjoyed what we had left of the day. Once we got back to the buses we thanked Tanya then headed off separate ways.

Kai Rhodes (Year 10)

jugger howe 2

jugger howe