Joseph impresses Rotary Club judges

Many congratulations to Joseph Salt, Y9, who recently entered the Rotary Club of Whitby & District’s Young Photographer competition.  Organised in March 2019 the competition brought together gifted local young photographers aged 11-13 years.  Entrants were challenged to show off their photography talent by interpreting this year’s theme of ‘The Beauty of Nature’ and create a three-piece portfolio.  The winning entry has now gone forward to the National Rotary Young Photographer Competition 2019.

Whilst Joseph did not win the competition this time, the judges were impressed by the high-quality photographs he submitted. The judges commented,

“Joseph’s photographs are to be highly commended, he has a really good eye for detail and colour. The judges loved how he brought our attention to beauty in the unusual, how he captured the tones and textures in the subjects he’s interested in. This was also very evident in his writing, particularly about his inspiration to capture the fungi. The judges felt that he has great technical knowledge and notices details. His written work not only gave an insight into what inspired him but gave his personality a chance to shine through, his sense of humour and the poetic aspect of his creativity was really nice to see alongside the work.”