When you are new in school, especially when you are from another country, you start paying close attention to the opinion of your fellow students. It is particularly interesting to listen to their opinion about the school, the lessons, the teachers and the rules. The German school system is very different from the English school system. Here, at Fyling Hall School I take four subjects: biology, physics, chemistry and maths. When I am going to continue school in Germany next year I will have ten subjects: German, maths, art, history, geography, biology, chemistry, a course similar to sociology, physics, and a subject about economy and law. There are small differences, but basically every student is doing these lessons.

During my first month here at Fyling Hall School I started to enjoy having fewer lessons. To be focused on only four lessons I can be way more productive. Although it is still challenging, the lessons are quite exciting for me.

Listening to the other students, I figured out that most of them have the common opinion about school. Personally, I have a very different opinion. Unlike most of my teachers in Germany every teacher shows real interest about his discipline. This makes the lessons way more interesting. They are also very kind and therefore we have lots of fun during lessons.

Up until now, I feel I can say that I enjoy studying at Fyling Hall School.

Jonas Boerner (Year 12)