Whilst many of you were enjoying a nice lie-in on Sunday morning, Jenna Coleman was on her way to a recording session at St Hedda’s RC Church in Egton. Miss Stewart had been contacted by Vin McLaughlin – a member of The Postgate Society – and asked to recommend a vocalist for the soundtrack of their forthcoming film, ‘The Yorkshire Martyr, Nicholas Postgate’.
The film is an historical account of the life of Father Nicholas Postgate, a 17th century English Catholic priest who was since beatified by Pope John Paul 11in November 1987. It is anticipated that the film will be aimed primarily at schools as an educational tool, and it features an original composition – ‘Father Postgate’s Hymn’ – which is the song that Jenna was asked to sing. Soundman Matt – fresh from his recording of Children in Need in Leeds – was delighted by Jenna’s ‘excellent’ vocal quality. Jenna really enjoyed her first recording experience and is looking forward to doing more in the future. The film is due to be released on 11th December.

Miss Stewart