We live in a technologically advanced world. Industry strives to bring us the newest gadgets and devices, but is this really a good thing?

Personally, I am not opposed to a world of technology; in fact I embrace the idea of having a world filled with increasingly capable devices, however technology needs to be safe and reliable. I believe that we are rushing research and forsaking correct testing which compromises the safety of people.

Take, for example, the Samsung Note which has been recalled due to phones that may spontaneously combust. Samsung, a business which is worth about two hundred billion dollars, was not able to detect a fairly distinguished flaw in their phones.  This was not the only case of exploding phones recently to be recalled.

There are too many businesses and organisations that have been responsible for producing dangerous and unreliable technology; so many that I simply do not have enough time or space on this page to mention them all. Instead I shall talk about perhaps the most shocking example: NASA.

NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has had many flights which have resulted in casualties but the two most renowned of these would be the Challenger and the Columbia shuttles. NASA has come under scrutiny for both of these catastrophes;   it was known that there were risks with both shuttle`s faulty parts.  Despite this NASA ignored all warnings and proceeded with their scheduled launch, which led to the loss of life of the crewmembers.   Perhaps this is why NASA has gained a reputation for concealing information.  NASA, an organisation paid for by the American government and the American people, has repeatedly ignored their own engineer`s warnings in order to meet deadlines.

Now I am sure that many people are still sceptical. What if I told you that even crime rates are influenced by self-interest?  Thomas Midgley worked for ford motors and developed lead based fuel, despite being aware of the dangers of lead.  The amount of lead in the air has a direct correlation to the violent crime rates all over the world.  One person’s negligence caused thousands of crimes to take place due to his desire to make money.

Technology needs to be safe and reliable. Can we really trust companies and organisations to really have our best interests at heart in opposed to making money and meet targets?

Jack Dudley (Year 12)