DanielFyling Hall student Daniel Cheshire has found himself with the dubious distinction of being among the first students in Britain asked to achieve two A* grades (plus an A) to be accepted onto the Physics course at Manchester University. Only a few courses in any subject have required this in the past, and Manchester is currently the only Physics department to do so.

The Physics course at Manchester has always been popular, but demand has increased considerably in the last few years after the award of Nobel prizes to two academics in the department in 2010, and because of the high profile of the TV physicist Dr Brian Cox, who teaches part of the first year course.

Daniel himself seems to be taking the challenge calmly. He said, “It’s clear that the ‘Brian Cox phenomenon’ is at work, and it certainly appears a daunting prospect, but I’ll be facing the challenge head on”. We wish Daniel, and all the other Fyling Hall students currently getting UCAS offers, the best of luck in the last six months of their A Level studies.