Motivation is not an easy thing to find nowadays. We live in a world wherein everyone’s going up against everyone else for jobs and for schools and for opportunities. It’s tough, it really is. At the very least I know I struggle with finding motivation almost daily and I greatly appreciated the wise of words of Mr. John Hotowka. I never really thought myself much of a magic fan but I still find myself thinking about that newspaper trick. In retrospect I could probably find the secret out in 2 seconds on Google but where’s the fun in that?

Mr. Hotowka was wonderful. He was nice, he was funny and his advice actually made some sense! The problem I usually have with motivational speaker type people is that they talk a lot but they never actually say anything. Mr. Hotowka  did talk a lot, but there was a point to it all.

That point being that life requires a lot of hard work and lot of sacrifice. But you don’t need to work so hard you never have fun and one of those sacrifices doesn’t have to be your sense of humour. People my age say they don’t want to end up “stiff” and “boring” and somehow interpret that as “I shouldn’t do my homework on time!” or “I shouldn’t study!” when that’s just not the case. Like Mr. Hotowka said “I’m middle aged and I haven’t grown up!” He worked hard and he got good grades and now he’s got a prosperous career getting paid to do what he loves! And at no point did he give up the supposedly “child-like” ability to have fun. And neither do you.

Damilare Williams Shires (Year 12)