It’s great to be back

It’s the Spring Term, and it’s great to be back. I was also happy to see my family again after over four months! This Christmas holidays I went back to Germany. The first week back I made a lot of appointments and I wanted to surprise my two best friends but I ended up surprising my whole school. My friends finished school at 1pm so I went to school and waited. All my friends were shocked that I was back but they were very excited to see me again. I spent that day at one of my friend’s houses and we had a lot of fun.

The other days, after I had all my appointments, we bought Christmas presents and we went to the Christmas market. On the 24th of December we had a big Christmas meal. On the 25th we opened our presents, went for a walk, watched a Christmas movie and had another big meal.

On the 31st of December its common to celebrate with friends but due to Covid fireworks were illegal in Germany. But as some German people don’t care there were still lots of fireworks! It was amazing because I could celebrate with my family. Normally I would go to England on the 30th of December but Covid changed everything, so on the 2nd of January I said goodbye to my family and said hello to Martha and Tim, two other students who were flying to England with me. It was great to see friends from Fyling Hall again. We were all stuck at the airport for a while but we made it safely back to school. It’s great to be back and seeing everyone again!

AnaYear 10, Weekly Boarder