“It’s good to be real schooling”

“It’s nice seeing my friends and it’s good to be real schooling instead of learning online,” says a Fyling Hall Year 2 pupil. This sentiment was echoed throughout the whole Junior School this week when I asked the children how it felt being back at school. 

Our Junior School pupils have slipped straight back into their bubbles and hand washing routines are being remembered and the breezy classrooms smell of hand sanitiser. But the most wonderful thing to hear is the pupils’ happy voices and laughter throughout the school. Noisy break times, deli lunches, games lessons, French and all the other lessons are being enjoyed. 

We loved our first forest school session today; all of the children seemed to miss this. As teachers, it is absolutely fabulous to be back in our classrooms with our pupils. They are enthusiastic and keen to learn. What more can we ask?

“It’s fun being back, seeing my friends and having deli lunches!”

“I like seeing my friends and it’s cool being back at school.”

“Seeing all of my friends and the food and I’m looking forward to horse riding and piano lessons.”

” Like being away from the screen and my siblings!”

“Good being back in the classroom and seeing the teachers and my friends in person.”

Junior School pupils share their thoughts on being back

The only negatives about being back at school? Not having constant snacks and missing lie ins!

It really is a joy to be back, and I couldn’t agree more, it’s good to be real schooling instead of learning online.

Amanda Freer, Junior School Headteacher