Italians 1Our Italian students arrived on the 8th June. Here are some of their thoughts on their trip:

Tommaso says: “On the first day we went to the beach; it was good because we played a lot. We played at cricket, Frisbee, volleyball and football. It was the best day of the week. When we are at school we had a lot of subjects like history, ICT, maths, music and science.”

“On Tuesday we went to a school trip in Flamborough and saw a lot of white rocks in the sea. In the afternoon we went to see different types of birds. On Wednesday I went to school and on Thursday we visited a forest. On Friday I went to school and I have enjoyed pop-up and French. On Saturday we went to play in the park and on Sunday we went to Whitby” says AlessandroItalians 6

Elena liked art lessons best because she can do what she likes. “I can explain my artistic ideas. I drew a comic and some logos for my favourite things like Hollister and Coca Cola.”

Pietro’s favourite day in this school is Sunday, because there isn’t school and we went with matron to Whitby, one very beautiful town. He says “I am happy in Fyling Hall School”

Belene enjoyed the weekend too: “I went on the beach with all the school. We played some games, volleyball and football. Today I learned many things. This school is fantastic!”

Monday 17th June: A Cultural Day

Italians 3Daria says: “Today began very well because I’ve been told that I didn’t have to attend normal lessons. So instead of going with other students of my year (year 10) I joined the Italians on Cultural Day. First we had a lesson of Drama in which we did a play that represented the meeting of some Italian people and some British people. After that we learnt how to fight on stage without hurting each other. We also did a really funny game called ‘Splat’ if every days of school were like this one you can bet I’d never get bored.”

Marcelo says: “I think I am good at drama and it is fun.”

“After two hours we had an English lesson with Mrs Orchard and we did a collage about Great Britain and we stuck some pictures about famous English actors and English actresses, about the Queen and her family and about famous singers” writes Elisa

Marco says: “At History we drew some symbols of the most important cities of Italy and we learnt a lot of English history. I had so much fun! At Music we watched some videos on the internet about Jazz Music: for example we watched about Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong and The Blues Brothers; after the break we had to imitate the basics of the songs that we heard previously with the keyboards. It was very interesting, but I had fun!”

“This is a really beautiful day!” says MartinaItalians 5

Tuesday 18th June: Whitby Trip

“Today we went on a school trip in Whitby to see the old church and abbey, the harbour of Whitby and the beach of Whitby” Marcelo says.

Daria says: “Today has been a fantastic day for a lot of reasons: in the first place I didn’t have to go to school and attend normal lessons, and I’ve been told that we (the Italians and I) are going to go on trip to Whitby which I think is a very lovely town.”

Elisa told us: “This morning at nine o’clock we went to a lesson with Miss Rowland and we talked about Whitby. Here are the things we talked about: Dracula – a vampire who lived in Whitby. There is a legend that Dracula kills a lot of people in town! The Harbour – this is the place where the river Esk meets the North Sea.”

Marco enjoyed the lesson too and was excited about the visit to Whitby. He says “Today we went on a school trip to Whitby. In the morning at school we leant Dracula’s story with the help of a video. We left at 9.40 to look at the view from the cliff, and drew the bay with the help of art boards. After drawing we walked to the centre of Whitby.”

Tommaso’s favourite part of the trip was the boat trip. “We took a boat and went out of the harbour into the sea. Later we did some shopping in the street near the sea. I bought two postcards and a hotdog. After that we had lunch on the pier, and then went shopping in the middle of town. In the afternoon we went to an Anglican church and I took a lot of photos.”

Martina says “We climbed many stairs to get to the church. There were 199 steps and we counted in English which was very difficult. This day was really beautiful.”

“I like the church because you can see the beautiful view of the town and the sea. I took lots of photos to show my friends” says Belene.

“We visited a lot of places like Whitby Abbey and drew what we saw” says Pietro

Alessandro says “It was a fantastic day”

Elena had a fantastic day as it was here birthday! She says “Today we went to Whitby, an old town. We went on a trip on a boat then we visited a very old church. I enjoyed the cake and all the school singing Happy Birthday. I shared the cake with my friends in the common room after tea. Thank you for a great day!”Italians 2