It is always fun to be a boarder

Hi, my name is Keith and I am from Hong Kong. I am also a boarder at Fyling Hall School. It is always fun to be a boarder here because we have a lot of activities that we can do. For example, we can do horse-riding in games and there are lots of different trips running at the weekends.

Our Y10 ESL class

In my first year at Fyling Hall I realised how different both the school and the British culture were to what I was used to in Hong Kong. I also had to learn a new language! But I still made a lot of friends because my snacks from Hong Kong were so good, they were very curious about the food I brought with me. We made a deal- I gave them food and they taught me English!

Out of school, I did a lot of mountain-biking with my friends. They were very nice to me, even their parents. They took me to many places to bike, like Dalby Forest and Raincliffe. They were beautiful and there were lots of jumps and trials. My friends taught me how to do some tricks, like whips and scrups. I learnt the words for the tricks from them too!

I don’t think boarding is boring, it’s probably even better than being at home and staying with your mum all day!

Keith, Year 10