The New Fyling Hall Sixth Form

At Fyling Hall, we are getting ready to start the new academic year in style as we formally launch our restyled Sixth Form. Although we have had a Sixth Form at Fyling Hall for many years already, we felt that we wanted to make some fundamental modifications to the structure and to the running of it so the senior leadership team along with the sixth form team have put together some exciting changes ready to take effect in September. 

These changes will make Fyling Hall Sixth Form an excellent place to study, enjoy life, develop all round skills and prepare for the next stage of life. For those international students looking to British universities, Fyling Hall will be a safe and rewarding place to learn about life in the UK, build friendships and excel in their chosen subjects. 

Introduction and Orientation

Our new feel Sixth Form starts as soon as we’re back at school with a few days off timetable for orientation. There is a big jump from year 11 to year 12 both academically and in terms of the need to be able to manage one’s own time and many of these differences can trip the unwary student up so we spend a couple of days going through everything from timetables to managing your study time to revision advice. It is expected that each student into the Sixth Form will take on 4 A levels (AS levels in year 12 converting to A Levels in year 13) or 3 A Levels and an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). Read more about subjects offered and curriculum here.  

Sixth Form students Making a Difference by mentoring junior school students
Sixth Form Duke of Edinburgh Expedition
Sixth Form Tutor Time Fyling Hall Library
Sixth Form Chemistry at Fyling Hall
Sixth Form Fyling Hall A Level Art Ceramics
Sixth Form Careers Talk

Making A Difference

As well as the scholastic rigours, the Fyling Hall Sixth Form participate in our ‘Making a Difference’ scheme. Each member of the Sixth Form chooses an area or areas that they would like to dedicate a little time to make a difference in our school community. This is usually no more than an hour or two a week and students can choose from a variety of different areas such as listening to younger students with their reading as a ‘reading buddy’ or working with the junior school as an assistant in a subject that is of particular interest to them (maths, English, etc.). Sixth Formers could also involve themselves in a department at school and help out there – the list of options really is endless and if there’s something a Sixth Former would like to do that we haven’t thought of then that’s great too! 

Team Building And Outward Bound

After a couple of weeks, when everyone has had a change to settle in, we will be taking the Sixth Form on an outward-bound adventure to build both their team-building and self-reliance skills; a couple of days and nights in the Lake District or the Yorkshire Moors with expert group leaders is just the thing to get everybody motivated and ready for the terms ahead of them. 

Relaxation and Socialising 

At Fyling Hall, we expect our Sixth Form to work hard but we also recognise that hard work should be rewarded so one Friday every half term the Sixth Form will have a day off where they will be taken for a fun/cultural trip out to relax a little and then out for a meal together in the evening. 

University Applications And Careers

Each week the Sixth Form will have a one hour timetabled lesson dedicated to university applications and careers advice. This allows each individual to ensure they are on target and able to select the best next step for them. There will be ongoing support for university applications and careers advice and talks. Students will be taken to universities, additional subject specific events and outside careers lectures throughout the two years. 

Cultural Trip 

Finally, as we near the end of the academic year, the Sixth Form will have the opportunity of going together on a cultural visit to a European city for a few days! This is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain a little independence in a culturally enriching environment, but our staff will be there and on-hand if needed. 

International Students

Studying with us at Sixth Form is particularly beneficial for all our international students; already away from home, they can receive an excellent education in a very safe and nurturing environment all of which will help them considerably – by the time they move on from us after year 13 and off to university, our Sixth Form international students will have had a wonderful introduction to life in the U.K. and feel thoroughly at home with our ways, our customs, and our culture. 

Individualised Approach

At Fyling Hall we pride ourselves on our individual approach to teaching and learning and can provide specialised advice on subject choices and study programmes. Get in touch to talk about your journey or contact the Head of Sixth Form Mr. Chris Thomas for further information and advice. 

The Sixth Form Information event will be held on 2nd November and will be suitable for any year 10 and year 11 students looking for more information, advice or guideance. Please register your interest. This event is for Fyling Hall students AND students attending other schools and will be useful whether you plan to attend our sixth form or study elsewhere.

Sixth Form Music - Singing Live Performance
Sixth Form Music - Singing Live Performance