Full of Admiration

Whilst marking books, Mrs Jeeves found this really lovely article from one of our newest international students . . .

In my first day of school I feel happy, scared but it was good. I remember that in the room when I was putting on my tie I needed help, because I don’t know how to put it on.
Then I don’t know where I need to go because this school is new for me. I don’t know where all the classes are and I don’t understand a lot because all of it is in English.
The time for lunch is very early because in Spain, lunch is at 2pm and here is 12.40pm. The food was strange but I liked it. I liked my first day of school very much.

We are full of admiration of our international students! A new setting, new school, new friends, new culture, new, new, new . . . and all in a second language. We are so pleased you are with us!