On the 13th of March I had a wonderful trip to York. We were a small group of five, Mrs Orchard and Miss Gibson and two other international students, Selin and Demet.

img005When we arrived in York we first visited the York Dungeon (after we persuaded Mrs Orchard to come with us) where we had great fun! It wasn’t as scary as we expected it but still it was an awesome experience. I learned a lot about the tremendous history of York in a very funny way. While Mrs Orchard was put in a cage, I learned about the terrible torture in the past.

Furthermore, Demet was acting as a witch and she was burned! After the light went out for a few seconds she just disappeared; we were not sure if we would ever see her again.

Afterwards we went to a very cute tearoom and we had the traditional English Cream Tea. It was delicious! Unfortunately we missed our tour in the York Chocolate Story because we spent too much time in the tearoom, but the advantage was that we got our own private tour!

It was a great and easy way to learn about the history of chocolate, how it was found and how they used the cacao beans in the past. In addition we had the possibility to try a lot of chocolate and it was an interactive museum which meant we could help the guide to crush the beans and add the milk.

At the end of the tour we all got the time to make our own chocolate Lollies. We designed them with white chocolate balls and Smarties. I will keep mine as a reminder of our trip.

I’ve never been in a Chocolate Museum before so it was really interesting and I would definitely go again. But to be honest, we all couldn’t finish our tea that day!

After a great day in York we were absolutely tired on the way back, but does that not prove that it was an unbelievably good day?

Jamie Year 12