Interhouse Sports Day: A Tale of Rivalry and Camaraderie at Fyling Hall 

Wednesday afternoon brought the highly-anticipated annual Interhouse sports day at Fyling Hall, where two fierce rivals, Resolution (Red) and Endeavour (Blue), faced off in an epic showdown. 

Could the rain stop play?

The morning’s dreary weather cast some doubts over the event, but by the afternoon, the sun had triumphed, drying the pitch with the help of a refreshing breeze. It was game on for an exciting afternoon of athletics! 

At Fyling Hall, we believe every pupil should have the chance to shine, regardless of their experience. That’s why all students competed in eight events over three hours, ranging from the challenging 800m run to the powerful shot put. This variety ensured that every pupil could excel in some events while pushing their limits in others. 

And the winner is…

The individual nature of the sports was balanced by the lively shouts of encouragement echoing across the pitch. This team spirit reached its peak during the final event of the day – the relays. Cheers and screams hit fever pitch as Resolution runners completed a clean sweep, sealing their victory over Endeavour and claiming the coveted Athletics Cup. 

While everyone competed fiercely for their house, the top individual scorers were honoured at the prize-giving ceremony on Saturday. This year’s sports day was a fantastic display of talent, determination, and true Fyling Hall camaraderie! 

Justin Mayne, 

Teacher of Games & Housemaster 

Fyling Hall Day and Boarding School


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