On Wednesday, Interactive representatives, Helen and Sally, came to collect their charity cheque from the school in a typically oversized fashion. The £1000 cheque that they received was for the money that was raised by the school Rose Garden event, which some of you may remember. For those of you who don’t, on the 2nd of June, local talents came and played alongside the many gifted musicians of Fyling Hall in order to raise money for a chosen charity.

Interactive is a children’s play scheme in which both mainstream children and children with learning difficulties are given a week of fun filled entertainment with the help of some lovely volunteers and workers. I can happily say, as a proud worker of Interactive (I’m the curly haired one); I am overjoyed to see that the school has raised money for such a fantastic charity. I hope that we continue making local charities just as happy as Sally and Helen are here.

 By Henry Atkinson (Year 12)