Instagram Winners Announced

IIt is undisputed that Fyling Hall sees some of the most wondrous sights along the dinosaur coast and the students here have really taken advantage of it. The pupils love of ‘whipping’ out their phone and taking a quick snap of the golden sunset whilst struggling back up the hill after games is never ending.

With this in mind our pro-active English teacher Mrs Park decided to combine the pupils’ enthusiasm for photography with another teenage pastime: Instagram. A competition was set up to find a photograph which best captured life here at Fyling Hall. All photos were posted anonymously onto Fyling Hall’s Instagram page.

There were two winners. The winner, who received the most likes (350 in total), was Max Harland (Year 9) who took a photo of a sunrise over the bay entitled ‘Ravenscar’. His photo was that impressive that the established Instagram account ‘Scenes_of_yorkshire’ re-posted Max’s photo to their 3800 followers, ensuring Max’s win. However, our Judges’ favourite was Natalia Luna with her dramatic entry entitled ‘Rain’.

Although we have fallen in love with our winners’ snaps, it cannot be understated the overall high quality of all the entries.  As a result of the success, the competition will be repeated next half-term. So the chance is there for those who wish to get involved (send your photo to Mrs Park or if you wish to register your vote in the coming months.

By Asa Jones (Year 11)


instagram winner